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Case Studies    Client Extranet (Secure Access)

Corporate Intranet

Corporate intranet applications typically contain lots of continuously changing dynamic content. This normally includes things like: message from the president, information about current or upcoming events, press releases, job postings, department news, etc.

Keeping the intranet information up-to-date is crucial to its success. Therefore there has to be any easy, seamless content management solution is place. Our services fits this picture perfectly.

Depending on the complexity, corporate intranet applications can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to develop.

Dynamic Database-Driven Vertical Portal

A news company maintains a database-driven website. For every news article the following pieces of information are stored: title, author, release date, category, image, image thumbnail, synopsis, and full text. Optional pieces of information include: front page display flag and streaming media clip URL.

Keeping the site up to date is performed through our content management system. Articles go live immediately after they are posted by the content manager. All accompanying files (like images and video clips) are uploaded first, followed by a confirmtion message. All multimedia content is integrated into the admin screens, providing immediate feedback to the content manager as well as eliminating the possibility of broken links.

Product Information for on-line e-Commerce and eCRM

A typical e-commerce application database would contain product information (including images and any multimedia files like QuickTime); orders (including billing & shipping address, credit card information, etc.); customer information and order details for storing a list of products associated with a particular order. Information for the entire web store application can easily be maintained using our e-Commerce managment system. Please note that in this case you should use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in conjunction with the Web server in order to provide encrypted transfer of sensitive information.

Collection of Streaming Media Services

Companies specializes in providing streaming media services to organizations around the world. They have a large client base ranging from TV and radio stations, corporations who wish to enhance their web presence with streaming media news webcasts, as well as educational institutions who provide experimental lectures over the Internet.

infrastructure includes dozens of encoders and servers. They support both streaming media platforms: Real Networks & Windows Media Services. With such a large collection of streaming media content raises the need for a centralized database and management solution. This in-house made custom database contains all the information about every streaming media clip that this company needs to run its business. And it's all securely and efficiently managed by our services.

For a full list of client Web sites we deployed. Please refer to Global Client.

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