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Asia Uniqueness The Web enables a company to save time, resources, and money, while reaching and serving a global market. On the Web, the customer is actively seeking you out. They will retain your message better because they want the information, the medium is interactive, and it uses multimedia in it's truest sense.

Chi Tao Studio is a full-service interactive Web development and consulting agency in Asia and North America. Our interactive solutions position your company and/or products then brings your brand to life across traditional, untraditional and new media.

Chi Tao Studio - Leading Interactive Agency

At Chi Tao Studio, we think of our clients as partners and approach their businesses as if they were our own. Our major multinational clients are a diverse and successful group in Asia and North America, representing a strong combination of products and categories, with a great mix of multicultural origins and heritage.

We understands the World Wide Web's complexity and potential. Therefore, Chi Tao Studio will provide the Web presence according to your requirements and we believe building a successful web site can only be achieved by the latest interactive technology and working closely with our global clients.

Our professional team combines with more than 100 years of experience in building enterprise level of Web applications as well as creating multimedia rich Web sites. All of team members gained their invaluable experience by working for multinational companies as well as involved in building various projects for government institutions.

Our areas of expertise are three-fold:

Comprehensive Business Sense:
We understand that the web is an extension of your overall business plan. Chi Tao Studio is committed to finding the best and most appropriate technology solutions that suit our clients' specific needs. Our ability to consistently deliver reliable, effective, state-of-the art technology alternatives to our clients allows them to efficiently achieve their on-line brand building and marketing goals.

Cutting-Edge Interactive Development:
We are committed to excellence in design and the user experience. We are not an traditional "Web design house" that develops outrageous concepts for no particular reason other than "it looks cool." We understand that the web is primarily an information medium, and design is part of the overall presentation and e-commerce is our main focus for our business development in Asia.

Impressive Design:
We believe that we should be experts in everything, so that whatever your needs may be, we can meet them with an excellent solution. We work on development projects as a team in order to deliver the very best result.

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