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Press Releases
Date: 5/2/2002 an enterprise application using open source products

Chi Tao Studio was appointed with honour by, a subsidary of Jensoft Enterprise Group Companies. is aiming to attract young professionals within Hong Kong to participate in on-line discussion forums., the technical consulting arm of Chi Tao Studio has successfully completed and depolyed the who project within limited time and resources in less than 2 weeks.

In coherence with our open source development initiatives, helped to integrate several existing open source products to achieve the enterprise level of application service.

The main operation system is running with the latest SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.0 on top of several load-balanced IBM Netfinity xSeries servers. mySQL version 3.23 has been selected as the RDBMS to meet the expected huge traffic and it's also distributed onto several dedicated servers. The MySQL database server embodies an ingenious software architecture that maximizes speed and customizability. Extensive reuse of pieces of code within the software and an ambition to produce minimalistic but functionally rich features have resulted in a database management system unmatched in speed, compactness, stability and ease of deployment. The unique separation of the core server from the table handler makes it possible to run MySQL under strict transaction control or with ultrafast transactionless disk access, whichever is most appropriate for the situation.

In order to implement the complex business logic and web application, has selected Jelsoft Enterprises's popular community forum software vBulletin 2.55 over UBB and several similar products. The reasons mainly due to vBulletin is a powerful community solution that makes it easy to add a forum messaging system to any web site. Unlike other forum software, vBulletin is developed using PHP and MySQL. This solid back end technology combination allowed us to develop a product that is both blisteringly fast, yet amazingly stable. Zend Studio 2.0 has been chosen as our major IDE, it's a complete environment for developing, debugging and deploying PHP applications in one integrated package. We have also modified the open source product and customized the user interface and various appllications to local language in Hong Kong which is Chinese Big5. has particularly asked us to look into application reliability and availability, together with the load-balanced web and database servers, has also selected the result proven products from Zend Technologies, we have applied Zend Encoder, Zend Accelerator 2.0 and Zend Optimizer 2.0 in all servers and PHP codlings, this gives us an unbeatable result of reliable, secure, extendable and extremely fast response solutions for's on-line community. As tested by our network engineer, the finished integrated product has proven to be very stable even under extremely heavy traffic. is currenlty doing promotion with Hosting Asia, you can get lifetime FREE web hosting services or HK$500 cash by becoming Star Member, for details, please visit

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